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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Design: Herakut: The Perfect Merge

The duo from Germany who is known as Herakut has been making cutting edge graffiti art that you don't normally see. You would definitely stand in awe once you've seen their masterpieces.  Obscure but Sweet  is the phrase that I can say as to how their art appeals to the viewer. There's also a certain depth in the characters they often use to depict an emotion. 

The book features their process from pencil drawing, the initial sprays, until the finishing touches of the piece will leave you asking for more. You'll also be drawn by the handwritten pencil text (erasures included) that you don't normally see. If you're not into graffiti art yet, this book might give the best inspiration to create your first piece with the thought that anything is possible. I consider this one of those gems that helped me out of a creativity slump. The spontaneity and raw energy that their art manifests truly says that there is no boundaries in the imagination of man.

*This will be the 1st review in a series from the Design Renegade team.

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