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Saturday, March 19, 2011

123klan Reel 2011

123klan, One of the most inspiring figures in graffiti and graphic design have released their product reel via this video. Inspiring!

Check them out @

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Urban Cake Lady, Melbourne

A new sighting of this art piece from the Urban Cake Lady
 in Maitai's Riverside Drive, Melbourne. More details on the blog

Saturday, March 12, 2011

BANKSY: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Street art is a predominant force to recon with. It can be compared to one giant icon that stares at you in the face and just leaves you digest it’s meaning. Then you walk along.

After watching Banksy’s film Exit through the gift shop, It really got me to thinking how big of a joke the whole art scene is playing on the masses. Definitely a lot of people got suckered to buying the ridiculously priced “art” pieces, but you can’t blame them. That goes to show how peer pressure is prevailing, or it's just most people want to get a piece of whats popular.

It really goes to show that anyone can be successful in art as long as you are focused to work on your ideas. It doesn’t matter if you hire people to do the execution for you. As long as you can produce for consumption.

The perfect formula for street art: The use of using iconic figures, edited in Photoshop to make the guide for the stencil.

End result? A pseudo work of art that will definitely land in on your living room while it leans on your wall (not hanged) leaving this Just-got-this-off-an-art show-but-haven’t-had-the-time-to-frame feeling for other friends to see.

Still a great film though. A brief introduction to the street artists and their works that you most probably have searched in the net already.