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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Recently, I discovered this band Mogwai from various bloggers who claims of listening to the album. Now I know why this band has gained its elite status from bloggers and artists alike. It's just splendid! If you can still remember the first time you listened to a heavy metal album in the 90's, that is the experience it can bring back. However, the ironic thing is, they are not a Heavy metal band.

Art and music have always gone hand in hand to complement each other. During art installations, without background music the featured piece would seem dull to the audience.That also goes if youre creating art without music, it feels like there is something missing.

So while I was walking to the nearby mall (while listening to Mogwai), I passed by this guy who is wearing a Graphic T-shirt that is similar to the one I am wearing now. His shirt is from Diesel(with a print I forgot already)which is done in carefully executed Typography. I then had this thought that the print on my shirt could have been a lot better if I expanded it a little, made the letters a lot bolder and skewed it for added distortion. After that my mind drifted to a few other designs that suddenly surfaced. This clearly indicates how music can affect ideas a person gets. It's like tuning to a soundtrack for the soul.

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