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Friday, January 4, 2008

Art induced print on fabric

Everytime I visit Page One here in Singapore, I always make it a point to spot a designer or artist who is scouring the shelves for endless books in design. It is pure heaven just to be in that bookstore. What do I look for? Someone with: A trendy messenger bag, messy looking hair and glasses. However, one thing is for sure, a person wearing a graphic t-shirt.

This trend that flourished in the 60's has now reached immortal status as luxury brands have already embraced this medium. But how do you separate the best designs from commercially induced print? The answer: Independent brands such as Design by Humans or Threadless. Both websites have an ongoing tee shirt design competition open to any artist who can execute digital art. What's best about Independent brands is the sense of feeling that only a few people has a similar shirt as yours. These shirts are printed only to a number, thus keeping the worth of your shirt.
There are also books that have finally focused on the topic of Graphic Tee Shirts such as 100% Cotton T-shirt graphics that celebrates various graphic tees from Vintage print to Electro Induced sensibilities.

I actually consider myself lucky to be in Singapore where independent graphic T-shirt brands are spreading like wildfire. But yes, it comes with a price. You just have to gauge which rises above everything else.This is where a good eye in design comes in handy.